About Spanish is Your Amigo (3)

What is Spanish is Your Amigo?

Spanish Is Your Amigo is the only Spanish textbook of its kind. The secret is its well thought out simplicity. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

It’s an all-in-one beginners, intermediate, and advanced textbook written in clear, plain English. And each bite-sized “teach yourself” chapter is packed with only the most important Spanish grammar, verbs, and vocabulary.

Who is Spanish is Your Amigo for?

Spanish Is Your Amigo is designed for people who want a simple format for studying heavy Spanish grammar. If you’re taking ANY Spanish class, you should have this book.

Learning a new language is not easy. It requires dedication and a new way of thinking. I am not promising you’ll be bilingual in ten days, or that you only need to know 150 words to become fluent.

Those are the kind of promised I’ve heard from other programs. Here’s a secret: those promises sound too good to be true because they are too good to be true.

What I will tell you is that if you follow each chapter in this book, you will embed the grammar essentials, vocabulary, and verbs into your brain. You will start thinking, speaking, and writing in Spanish.

If you’ve ever wanted to get serious about learning Spanish, this is the book for you.

Why is Spanish Is Your Amigo everything I need?

  • Beginner, intermediate, & advanced Spanish textbook all in one
  • Perfectly portioned chapters
  • No ‘vosotros’ conjugations
  • Grammar essentials
  • 1500 most used vocabulary words
  • 300 most used verbs
  • Practice & answer
  • The perfect reference
  • Condensed, clear, simple
  • Convenient: Lightweight, take it along

About the Textbook (3)

How do I use the Spanish is Your Amigo textbook?

Spanish Is Your Amigo goes back to basics. It is a carefully planned textbook and workbook that takes the place of outdated audio books and computer programs.

It’s clear and condensed. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

It starts at the beginning, so don’t worry about reviewing. It will guide you all the way through to the intricacies of advanced level Spanish.

Each chapter takes less than an hour to complete. Before you start each chapter, review the corresponding vocabulary. When you’re ready, move on to the lesson and then test yourself with the practice worksheets. The answers are conveniently located in the back of the book.

Preview the Spanish is Your Amigo textbook to see the table of contents and a sample chapter.

What are the specifications of the textbook?

The book has 36 chapters with corresponding worksheets and answer key. It is 313 pages long. It includes a Capitalization Guide, a Grammar Terms Guide, a 20 Verb Review with conjugations, and both a Spanish > English and an English > Spanish Glossary.

Preview the Spanish is Your Amigo textbook to see the table of contents and a sample chapter.

Can I place a high-quantity textbook order?

Of course. Contact me for more information.

Questions about Kristen (6)

Who are you?

About Kristen:

  • Author of an all-in-one textbook, workbook, and vocabulary guide
  • As seen on Nightly News with Brian Williams
  • Has logged over 500 hours of personalized Spanish instruction
  • Has a catalog of 50+ simplified Spanish grammar videos
  • Chosen by YouTube & Khan Academy as 1 of 10 EDU Gurus representing excellence in video instruction
  • Received a secondary degree in Spanish from Texas State University

How did you learn Spanish?

I’m a native English speaker who learned Spanish through thousands of hours of instruction over a span of ten years. I was fortunate to be able to study abroad for a month in Cuernavaca, Mexico and I received my Spanish minor in 2010.

In addition to taking formal classes, I have logged hundreds of hours of personal research and speak Spanish to anyone who’s willing to humor me. I’ll never be finished learning Spanish because I constantly find new ways to use and refine my abilities.

Why did you write a textbook?

Formal classes provide me with a strong grammatical foundation. This is necessary in order to express your own ideas in another language. But at times, my classes were anything but simple. I always wished there was a clearer, quicker method. I wanted lessons to be taught in plain English.

Instead, words like “pluperfect” confused me. I wanted only the necessary lessons, vocabulary and practice condensed into one textbook. Instead, the books were cluttered. So I used to create my own materials.

I learned that having the right materials in front of you can make all the difference. In an effort to teach Spanish in the easiest way, I created the simplest “teach yourself” textbook.

Do you offer private lessons?


Send me an email ( Include your goals and timeline for learning Spanish and we can set up a consultation.

Why did you study abroad?

Study abroad is great for students who have a firm grasp on Spanish grammar. Once the groundwork has been laid, all that’s left to do is become a sponge and absorb the language.

Check out the school where I attended classes below.  I lived with a host family and got full immersion for a quarter of the price of other study abroad programs. Everyone at the school is helpful and feels like family – I highly recommend it.


Questions about Learning (4)

I’m short on time. How can I learn Spanish quickly and efficiently?

Unfortunately, there is only so much time and money to spend traveling abroad. That means I have to get creative in my daily life.

Here are some of my methods you might want to try out:

  1. Immediately switch languages when talking to a Spanish speaker.
  2. Allow your brain to daydream in Spanish by imagining how you would say certain phrases.
  3. If you don’t know something, ask someone or research it.
  4. Listen to Spanish radio stations & translate the lyrics online.
  5. Don’t worry about being perfect. Just enjoy the process and try your best.
  6. Subscribe to my YouTube video channel for weekly bite-sized lessons!
  7. Check out the Spanish is Your Amigo textbook or schedule a personal lesson!

There are many other ways to practice. Find a method you enjoy and that fits into your daily routine.  Perhaps try a Spanish chat room, watch novelas, or read books in Spanish. (Children’s books count, too!)

Why don’t audio books and computer programs work?

  • Only teach you to “parrot” phrases
  • False, unrealistic promises
  • No grammar foundation
  • Too expensive
  • No reference materials
  • Outdated
  • Few all-in-one programs
  • Inconvenient: Need a computer or CD player

Why don’t other textbooks work?

  • Unnecessary ‘vosotros’ conjugations
  • Outdated vocabulary
  • Useless activities
  • Excessive cultural notes
  • Scattered information
  • Messy format, images & fonts
  • Vague explanations
  • Few all-in-one textbooks
  • Inconvenient: Heavy, leave it at home

Why is it important to learn Spanish?

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language with over 300 million native speakers in over 24 countries claiming it.  Learning Spanish opens exciting possibilities for travel, career advancement, and countless new opportunities!